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Thursday, March 08, 2012


This is just appalling. Extremely fortunate you discovered it!

Thanks for your hard work on this, Dave. Ethical journalists everywhere salute you! If I was in Singapore I'd gladly take you to dinner for this one.

This subject is one reason why I state very clearly under the About page of my new community blog, post404.com, that we will strive to be the most ethical online magazine there is. We need to stand vigilant against those who behave otherwise.

I hope your new blog goes well; your skills and voice of reason suggest to me that there's no doubt. ;)

He loves your stuff so much he copied it verbatim. He took it for free. You complained. Therefore, you don't believe in free love.

Good work. I can only imagine your jaw permanently drooped with each discovery.

This is horrible. I came across this story because of a tweet from a baseball journalist that i follow. https://twitter.com/#!/LottOnBaseball/status/177898341802315776. Its probably of little consolation but hopefully if something good can come out of something so terrible, i hope that as a result of this, your following and readership increases. I had never heard of this blog or your work but i will now regularly visit your blog and articles written by Charles Memminger so your readership has gone up 1 person. I hope CNN runs a story on this and the publicity that you guys receive increases your following 10 fold as compensation for the theft of your work.

I'm glad you caught the guy. What a terrible person.

Dave, EXCELLENT job digging this out. I really enjoyed your tweets at @GlobeJotter because you lay out your discoveries and emotions in real time. Fascinating to read. I'm proud to know you, and proud of the way you handled this. Good luck on your new website debut later this month, www.globejotting.com.

My jaw totally dropped when I read this. What the guy did was really messed up, but I kind of can't believe he just up and quit when he was caught.

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