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Sunday, December 18, 2011


Exiting! :) cant wait for daily updates! ;)

Just finished reading your first book, Getting Lost. I loved the book. Can't wait to find out where you're going on your honeymoon. Have you actually made plans, or are you waiting for your readers to suggest places?


Thanks for the kind words on my travel humor book, Getting Lost! We've already booked our flight. I'm just keeping everyone in suspense! :-)

Why don't you give us some hints re the type of activities you want to do - adventure, explore, history, R&R, active.....

But Joye... we want to do all of those things. :-)

Well, you"work" in Botswana, so I'm guessing that is not it...unless Kattina hasn't been there yet. You've spent several trips in Vietnam, so ditto on that one. Borneo sounds great...we cancelled a planned trip there once and I've regretted it ever since. But you may not be as thrilled about the thought of orangutans as I am, so I still have no idea of your final choice. Fun keeping track, tho.

Best wishes from a member of the throng.

Joan... It's about time somebody has stepped up and started speculating!

I can think of arguments against all three of your above speculations. But maybe that's just because I like to argue. :-)

I am not crossing any of your guesses off the list today. In the next day or two, I will elaborate on why all of the countries that remain at this point in time would be within the realm of possibility.

I would happily go to any of the destinations on your list...except Las Vegas, which I actualyy do go to from time to time, although not always happily. But if it was my choice from those left on your list, I would pick Madagascar.

Woo hoo...Borneo is still in your list! I am waiting with bated breath, (even though I'm not exactly sure what bated breath is.)

I vote for Sri Lanka

I will work hard to get over my disappointment that I won't be able to read upcoming stories about Dave and Kattina being chased through the Borneo jungles by orangutans and change my vote...since I still have a couple of hours before you are actually on your way. I know you loved Vietnam, so just so they won't feel neglected, I will vote for C-V-L.

Have a fabulous honeymoon, Dave and Kattina!

It's just marvelous to travel the world! I prefer beaches, myself. Ever wondered why our Earth is 3/4 covered in water? It's there for us to enjoy… that's why! If everything was landlocked, we won't have much of a reason to travel.

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