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Wednesday, July 06, 2011


I was with the story up until June 18 when you apparently led a one-day tour of Scandinavia and then spent more than two weeks waiting in the airport for a flight home. That must have been hell! But, seriously, we enjoyed having you here. And you hid that upset stomach well. I hope you come back again soon, feeling better and with your new bride!

Yikes! Thanks for catching that little typo, Erin! As I said... hastily written... poorly edited. (And did I mention jetlag-addled?)

I am breathless after reading about your last month...but I think I will recover from my deep distress for your health (and mental well-being) by strolling through the Sarlat marketplace this afternoon as I enjoy my "vacation from your vacation" day mid-way through our Rick Steves tour of Paris and the South of France with Rolinka. Very good wishes to you and Kattina!!!

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