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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Hi Dave,
I just stumbled upon your site. Great content! I presume the norwegians wouldn´t agree if we asked them first about the Scandinavian capitol :-) I´ve also noticed the Swedish Institute (www.si.se) have an english slogan ("sharing Sweden with the world") but a different one in Swedish: "sätter Sverige på kartan" (putting Sweden on the map). Well, according to the latest image report, we´re more and more unknown abroad. Keep up the good work!

Open answer to Dave!

Thanks for your mail and for loving all the Scandinavian countries - so do I. I will try to answer all your questions below...

Yep some years ago we changed the slogan "beauty on water" to our new brand Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia. The brand reflects Stockholm’s position as one of Europe’s most interesting regions and its built round facts like Stockholm being the largest city, in the largest country with the largest number of visitors in Scandinavia - to mention a few facts.
Read all about it here: http://www.stockholmbusinessregion.se/templates/indexpage____39349.aspx?epslanguage=EN

Gyro is the company that we worked together with in the development of the brand. Read more about this here:

Nope, we didnt consult our neighbouring countries before we launched the brand, and we are still good friends!!!! We have good neighbours!! As a matter of fact we work side by side with Danes and Norwegians in attracting visitors to our region of the world. But we want - of course - to be the first choice! And I know that my colleagues in Denmark and Norway are just sorry not to have come up with the idea first ;-). Anyways, Im half danish myself and I used to work for Danmarks Turistråd and lived in Denmark for some years before I started to work for the City of Stockholm.

About consulting before you launch. Do you think the city of New York consulted the apple industry before the claimed to be "The apple"? Do you think Coca Cola asked Pepsi for acceptance when they decided on the slogan "is it" or McD asked Burger King for advice when launching "Im loving it". The competition sharpens the competitors or colleagues in the business, right?

Hope to see you soon in Stockholm

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