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Thursday, November 08, 2007


I had a wall jump out in front of my foot many years ago. Looking back on the unfortunate accident I should have been proactive and discussed with the wall that I enjoyed using my foot without being in pain and to not jump in front of my foot causing undesirable pain in my toes.
Anyway, I hope your foot is getting better.

Dave! It's a box conspiracy, and I'm afraid the target is... you!

I didn't know about the conspiracy when I tucked my newly autographed copy of Getting Lost into an evil drug-abusing Priority Mail box along with some other stuff I didn't have room to carry home from Seattle in my luggage. In due time I picked it up at the post office, and when I sliced open the tape, there was some scary oozing substance smeared all over everything.

Honey. Sequim Valley Lavender Honey, to be exact.

I am assuming it was not your secret fantasy to be smeared with honey and mailed to a random location, so it must have been The Box.

Watch out for those things. Who knows where this will end?

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