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Thursday, May 17, 2007


Stupid cows.I would never be cruel enough to eat their food. Why should they cruel enough to eat my ....

Might be more interesting to eat Swiss chocolate though.

I remember as a young boy when I was forced to milk a couple of cows every morning, I could survive the ordeal by getting into the tactile experience of massaging udders -- any udders, even a cow's. It might be that the Swiss cows wouldn't be as offended as mine were. Just a thought, but don't call me a pervert!

Hey Dave,
This is a good article. I am doing my scrapbooking from our trip in May 13-26, 2007 with you. I was looking for some more information on Swiss cow culture and the renting of the cows. Thanks for the information. I am not lactose intolerant!!!! Thanks for the good information again.

Well, no wonder those cows are expensive to rent. Their farmers take good care of them to produce the best milk and cheese ever. How I wish I can spend time with them! If only I had a plane ticket to Switzerland.

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