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Thursday, January 04, 2007


Doesn't seem any more stupid than giving me a credit card.., and credits on all of my three accounts...
I really should go to the bank and pee on their carpet!


I peed on your carpet the last time I stayed at your place. But don't worry. You were asleep. You didn't notice a thing.

Well, I puked in your suitcase. You must have been really drunk since you didn't notice...

Ummm, Brrre... You've never been to America. And I don't have a staircase.

Who must have been very drunk?

Is "suitcase" a funny Norwegian spelling for staircase?

Oh, crap, he did say suitcase. That's what I get for blogging before I'm awake.

Dave, I'm quoting: "That's what I get for blogging before I'm awake." You shouldn't tell lies.
There is no need for doing that. Writers are supposed to get drunk quite frequently!

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