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Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Your darn right you don't want to know anymore...but I'm going to tell you anyway..you haven't checked out "Pingoo"(sp?(prounounced ping-goo) it's a show about penguins who don't even speak a language, they just walk around "chirping" for the entire show, and you the viewer has to figure out what the hell the plot is or what the hell they are even doing.!!!!...but I digress...Now if you'll excuse me..I have to go back to hearing the themesong for "Noddy" going in my head(can you tell I'm a parent of a 2 yr. old?).

The theme song to Noddy? As in Noddy and Big Ears?!?!

Mr. Dressup is an old Canadian show. My Canadian ex has a Mr. Dressup t-shirt. The first time I saw it I was like, wtf is that? It's a classic there, like our Mr. Rogers.

As for Yu-Gi-Oh you're a little late pointing it out. It was a huge craze a couple years ago. It's a cartoon with an accompanying trading card game. Marketing genius.

Mr. Meaty is just creepy. I'm going to have to ask Dan if he knows about it.

You missed a great one though; let's see if I can get this right... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Super_Robot_Monkey_Team_Hyper_Force_Go!

Apprently the URL is too long?


Ha, sorry it's me again. But I checked out the Mr. Meaty site and that isn't a kids show. It's like aimed at teens. See at the top there's a preschool link, a kids link, and then there's "the void." And this show is in "the void." Bad blogging, slop-py! :P

Yes, I'm pretty sure we're talking about the same Noddy. It's one of THE most annoying songs you could ever get in your head...well...of course next to any song from Bread.

Zoboomafoo rocks. My niece and nephew love that show. ;-)

Boopah is the scariest thing on TV today...I'd rather my daughter watch COPS than that show...

k buddy calm down mr meaty is a funny show and these kids who watch it arent being brainwashed. i dont know who you think you are to make such a big deal about this show. why dont you get a real job instead of putting down others because you have nothing better to do.

i totaaly agree although mr. meeaty is funny. but puffy ami umi is crap and tota jakamot or what ever is the friken gayest piece of shit that's ever been on tv.. P.S so i yugio

you're an asshole. To think that a cartoon's name is what brainwashes kids. retard.

I hate you

I hate you

hey screw, you need to seriously back off your a crazy mc.crazypants to think that just because ed edd and eddy, mr meaty and hihi puffy ami yumi are bad shows. and if you ever come close to saying anything bad about spongebob squarepants, or any other cartoon youre a retarded scruege, you sick jerk i hate you SO much for this. i suggest you get something better to do than bag on good clean cartoons that everyone loves because your also insulting people that like these cartoons, i bet you havent even whatched a modern cartoon all your life , their just as good as the cartoons you used to watch. im serious about that spongebob thing. Im not a kid im an adult that watches cartoons and im proud of it!

What about maisy she squeaks alot!!
And as mentioned in the theme shes a verry mazing mouse!

One thing you need to know. I don't really agree with some of these shows either but they are going to stay her no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you wine. Personally though, I like these shows. Oh! and I'm a teen. If there is a program you should be pointing to, it should be Adult swim. On cartoonnetwork, they think that kids will be asleep when it is on, but the truth is alot of kids watch it. I hear it everywhere. It's growing right under our noses so I'm just saying that you should be prepared! Don't be such a critic!

Hi its me T.T. again, um I'm sorry about all the crazy things I said, but i know im right.. I'm not an adult, but I'm not a kid either. I just didnt want anyone to push my feelings about this crazy butthole aside like it didnt matter because im just 13, but hear me out everyone who is here,this guy is CRAZY I mean what kind of phsyco thinks a cartoon's name is what hurts kids,all these children in my classroom and school are waaaaay too young to be watching the stuff on ADULT SWIM!,the stuff on COMEDY CENTRAL! and every other bad tv show out there, but this guy is aiming at the cool stuff that kids are sopposed to watch, this guy is pointing out all the actul GOOD cartoons instead of the bad ones that you aren't suposed to watch. It's like he's suggesting we watch nothing. I say he point out the real problems with adult swim and comedy central to all the kids who watch it, but hey, even if he did he cant do anything about it , so why try? I say he's doing it just to talk. It doesn't make any sense to me!

I'm sorry Im bad about forgetting what to say, im a goofy 13 year old who watches cartoons and WE and stuf like that, but I dont watch adult swim because its bad for young kids like me, I don't watch it because i dont want to and i think its silly that kids wanna watch this stuff, because its roting their brains. I say ADULTS ONLY. Thank you. I think im gonna wait to watch adult swim... I think 19 or 20 is good, But ill probably be watching cartoons!

Hel-lo Gerald Mc. Boing Boing is like the coolest show ever, dude. I'm serious. Okay, here's how it goes down: Gerald Mc. Boing Boing is a show about this dude who can't talk, but he uses sounds to communicate with people.I think it's awesome. And he has a dog, who burps it's pretty cool...

You're just being a smart ass and no-one wants to hear your opinion on anything, weirdo...

Ok i think its you freaks that should lay off him, this is up for people to read you dont have to read it if you dont want to you dont have to agree with it if you dont want to but its up here because its someones opinion, if you dont agree with his opinion then give him a reason dont call him or tell him you hate him its pathetic and yes i called you all freaks and it just proves my point, personalkly i think they could think of better and less possibly falic names for these shows but they havent boo hoo shit happens, if this person feels like warning the world then good on him for TRYING to do what he thinks is right and not just coming on here to insult people cause your own life isnt satisfying enough so you have to make other people look and feel bad in order to maike yourself look and feel good he-llo thats called bullying, you bunch of pathetic little people!

Well guess what SHITigami!? Were presenting OUR opinions on this too so I dont know who the fuck you think you are, but no-one wants to hear YOUR friggin' opinion either!! Youre a shithead calling us names... LOOK WHOS TALKING YOU PATHETIC LOSER!!!

Shinnigami's a jackass..

Mr. Meaty can die. In fact, Nick can die.

Netbug can kiss all of our asses!

Wow you're strict!I'd like to check these shows out myself and see if I want my kid watching them.mr. meaty is fine.I've seen video clips online with my son.It's a kind of stupid show but it's not a bad show.

dam you're stupid. those shows are excelent. and they're all funny. and some of them is for teens, not fro kids

Excuse me butI think Ed Edd n Eddy is a er extraordinary show! It's cool!~ Although I do agree with you for the other shows and Pokemon it's like Pika pika PIKACHOOOOOOOOO!

I think that "older"(not trying to be mean) people are just confused about this generation of television. It's mostly grunge and stupid comedy and reality television. I personally think that we've run out of ideas for kids shows...and movies (thats why there are so many remakes.)

all of yall r Idiots if u agree with this potty mouth!!!!!how the h**l r u trash the cartoons and try 2 inform kids about a show that is awsome but use rong words 2 express your self!!!!Retards

ok...... I think you ppl r way 2 strict with kids i mean your only a kid once in a life time...........

All I can see in this is the rantings of a racist middle-aged balding white male. You've got problems with cartoons from Japan? Fine. Multi-ethnic programming where people speak only using their names? Fine. But before you go ranting about how these are children's programming, get your facts straight. Some are PBS shows marketed towards the youngest (read: 2-3 years) audience. Others, like Bobobobobobobo are aired on Adult Swim with a disclaimer that the program is for adults only.
Check your facts, buddy.

You're as bad as Jack Chick! I've read his tracts for a cheap laugh every now and then. I've got to say, the two of you combined are two of the most foolish, shallow old-fashioned,ignorant dirtbags I've ever seen! He's as bigoted as you seem to be! I'll have you know that Mr. Meaty is satire on controversial topics, namely the horrors fast food and junk food! I myself am currently working on the script for an episode that deals with the tpic Beleamia.
I respect your views, but you need to do the same for mine. We can think what we want, so there!

RE: Mr. Meaty - I AGREE!
I've been seeing previews for Mr. Meaty for some time and was dreading the day that this show would enter children's lives. I assumed it was going to be targeted towards teenagers. But if that's the case why was it in the Saturday morning line-up between Spongebob and Fairly Oddparents which are beloved by toddlers to pre-teens. I'm not an expert on children's shows but if Nickelodeon is going to start airing inappropriate and irresponsible programs like Mr. Meaty I guess the Nick Channel will have to be blocked.

Uhh.... Gerald McBoing-Boing is from 1950. Yeah, the '50s probably did screw up a lot of kids :). Did they re-make this show or something, or did you just not notice it was old?

Also, I watched Mr. Meaty with my 11-yr old on Friday, and it was hilarious! I think I'm a new fan of this show.

Gerald McBoing-Boing (1950)

I agree that some of the shows that you don't like are pretty stupid, but some of the shows that you say are bad are actually good. For example Pinky Dinky Doo was created for little kids it allows them to learn while having fun at the same time. It was created by Jim Jenkins, and if you don't like him then I say something is wrong with you. Also about Mr. Meaty that show is hilarious, it satirizes our cultures obcession with fast food.

I love Mr.Meaty!

MR. Meaty...
although some may find it humorous, we have young children that enjoy other programming on Nickelodeon. When Cartoon network wants to show a program that may not be suitable for young children, they put it in "adult swim" as far as i can tell this show should not be rated for children over the age of 7 but more along the lines of PG13, and put into a more appropriate time slot. NOT Saturday Morning at 11 AM EST. PRIME CARTOON VIEWING time slot.

Uh, guys? Have any of you ever read the rest of this blog or met the man who writes it? Dave is a HUMOR writer, not a right-wing concerned parent or even a cartoon hater. Take this in the silly spirit it was meant - after all it was written by a guy with a singing Thanksgiving turkey on top of his TV...

Uh..Erin? Its also the concept of the argument dumbass!

Holy crap!!!

When I blog about the war in Iraq, or terrorism, or the US government, or child abuse, or sexual assault, or racism, or homophobia, or discrimination against the disabled, or... ahem... a long list of other things, hardly anybody comments. But I make one snarky little rip on a few cartoons, and look what happens! You people are fucking hilarious!

And a bit sad. This is a humor blog. Anybody who takes my comments as seriously as a few of you did is severely lacking in their sense of sarcasm.

Really, people, there are so many more things in the world to get pissed off about these days than my measely blog, which is INTENDED to be stupid and idiotic, my blog, which Kelly called, "the rantings of a racist, middle-aged, balding white male."

Let's examine that allegation a bit more closely, shall we?


Guilty as charged. It's a blog, for fuck's sake!


I just turned 38 last week. Define middle-aged as you wish.


Yep. You got me there too.


Again, I am guilty.


::sigh:: I am SO SO SORRY, but yes. I do have a penis.

I have left my favorite accusation for last. Racist?

That all depends on your definition of racism, Kelly. On one level, people have argued that all human beings are racist. It's a sad fact of life that we are predisposed to judge people who are different from us, though it is also important that we try to understand that tendency within us and work to end discrimination in spite of it. If you subscribe to that belief, then, yes, I am racist and so are you. But I don't think that is the open-minded manner in which you spat out that word, Kelly.

I couldn't help but have a screaming fit of laughter when you accused me of being opposed to multi-ethnic culture. Here's my track record on multi-ethnicity and racism:

- I have traveled in nearly 40 countries on five continents.

- I have worked in the Middle East, probably the biggest target of American racism these days.

- I lecture frequently for international companies on issues such as culture shock and culturally sensitive travel.

- I speak three languages fluently and can have basic conversations in six others.

- I have traveled several hundred miles north of the Arctic Circle to interview indigenous people in far-northern Europe and write about the institutionalized discrimination they have faced throughout the centuries.

- I have volunteered as an English tutor to refugees from Tibet and Southeast Asia.

- In high school, I marched outside the South African Embassy in Washington, DC, to protest their former policy of Apartheid.

- In college, I traveled to Atlanta, Georgia, to attend anti-racism workshops at the Martin Luther King, Jr., Center.

- Also in college, I had my life threatened and had to seek police protection because of a strongly-worded anti-racism editorial I wrote in my campus paper.

So Kelly, call me a racist if you want. Call me a racist because... boo hoo... I made fun of your favorite cartoon. WAAAAAHHHH!!!! But if you seriously care about racism, go find some real racism to protest. I've been called many names in my life, but anybody who knows me will cackle with laughter when they hear I've been accused of being opposed to multi-ethnicity.

I made a list of cartoons with goofy names. Some of those cartoons happen to come from other countries. Real ethno-centrism would be if I only wrote about American goofiness and ignored goofiness in the rest of the world.

(I do stand corrected on the fact that some of those cartoons are intended for adults. Thanks to the couple of you who managed to set the record straight without calling me names that you hoped would make me cry.)

I still stand unflinchingly by my assertion that "Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo," is a dumbass name for a cartoon. Maybe it IS the best cartoon in the world. I don't know. Maybe some evening when I am pathetically bored, I will watch it. I also stand unflinchingly by the fact that this is a freaking humor blog! If you take it as seriously as a couple of you have, I feel very sorry for you.

Now if you'll all excuse me, I'm going to go have a beer and laugh some more at the insanity of some of these comments. Keep them coming, people! Seriously! I could censor them if I wanted, or stop comments on this topic altogether, but you've given me the best laugh I've had in weeks.

mr meaty rules and you're a fag.

mr meaty rules and you're a fag.

you seem completely ignorant. you rant on about shows you haven't even seen, and then come back and say that this is "just a humor blog"....pretty funny! there have been cartoons and kids shows with stupid names as long as there have been shows. don't judge a show by it's name. how about Scooby Doo, Captain Kangaroo, Bullwinkle, those 3 have pretty idiotic names, and I would think they all are considered "classic" childrens TV. that said, MR. Meaty is a GREAT show, so watch it A LOT!

Well, maybe, instead of trying to get the show off the air, you just don't your kid watch it? But if you see something weird and perverted about Ed, Edd, and Eddy and other shows, you are really screwed up.

What the hell's with "Random Static From My BrAIN?!!?!? (rEAD UNDER HEADLINE AT TOP OF PAGE)

I agree with you on one thing, theres alot of crap on tv.

But, your problem is TV doesn't screw kids up. Parents do. It's the responsibility of parents to raise their kids not a television. Theres nothing wrong with blocking off a show from your kids viewing that you don't approve of or think their ready for, but you can't teach morality etc. based off what the tv tells you.

dude you are retarted mr meaty rocks


Stay from the Mr. meaty show!!!!

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