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Thursday, April 06, 2006


You're funny. I'm certainly glad there was no lettuce flung.

The Princess of Norway??!! You'd better start praying to all the Gods that are that she does not bring her husband. Or herself. I know you're a humorwriter, but they are clowns. Unvoluntary that is... Not the kind of people you would like to be seen with. So I just have to say: "David Eric Fox, stop that, people might think you're a clown!"

I'm trying to decide if meeting Sam Barry in the bathroom trumps my near-Dave experience.I think it does.Congratulations. Also, did it occur to you that Sam Barry resembles Stephen King? Also, I am very, very new at blogging (uh, 6 days) and I didn't know that what I replied to you appeared publicly. (Why have teenagers if they will NOT help you learn to blog?) So I saw my plug for my blog and was embarrassed. sorry.

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