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Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Hi Dave,

I Hear what you're saying. I myself grew up in amsterdam, and until I was about 14 I thought it was normal for towns to be filled with pucking tourists, and debree of tourists out to have a 'too good' time.

It's nice to see that there are still people in this world who venture out to see the sights; and as you were already mentioning the Anne Frank house, I just couldn't resist but to throw in some of our other cultural habitats...

For example when you all come here, and as everyone seems so interested in our plants.. try going to the International Flower Autions; you may not end up being able to buy a bouquet of roses for your loved one, but there is nothing more beautifull int he depth of winter then to see a bunch of warehouses full of sunny flowers, and the smells there are amazing.

Otherwise if you're going to get stoned anyway, why not stop by on the 'museum plein' in amsterdam, have a small spliff and go have a look at the marvels of modern and classic art (I mean in the end they are all grouped together just so you stoners out there can find them all!), or go for a stroll around Dam Square; visit the palace and see some of our culture (we do actually have some).

Or simply take a trip on the canals of Amsterdam...

Amsterdam has so, so much more to offer then cheap sex & drugs; and when you stroll around that beautifull town at about 8pm just look at the tourist crawling on all fours across the tram track puking their guts out, and realise that even if for just one day, you managed to enjoy our wonderfull city and you got to see some of our true culture.

Anyway Dave, I hope you enjoyed your trip to Holland; and from this mokummer, when you return, don't forget to have a 'patatje oorlog & a sate-kroket' :))

Amsterdaaaaaammm! Duuu-huuude! Woooooooooo!


Great story. Forwarding to my wife to read.

HAHA, Loved this. I was a "every evening instead of a glass of wine" pot smoker for maybe 7 years. Stopped like 6 years ago. I'll be going to Amsterdam in March. Not for the pot, but I will partake a small bit, for the experience. Oh, and the suggestion of smoking a small one before the museum...not a bad idea :)

I can't wait to see the REAL sites and to get off the beaten path. Thanks for the great story.

Neat, you work for Rick Steves! Just ordered a bunch of travel store stuff. :) Will you be there in March?

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