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Tuesday, April 19, 2005


If you haven't already, you should check out Amadan http://www.amadanusa.com - they would fall under my made up genre of Austrailio-Irish Punk - kinda like The Paperboys on speed. Actually, the only thing that puts the "Austrailio" in the mix is the didgeridoo. Otherwise, they're just Irish Punk.

I don't see any Seattle or Tacoma shows coming up any time soon, but if you're ever down in Portland when they are playing, it's definitely worth checking them out. Tell them I sent ya. :)

They definitely drink Guinness, although not as much of it as they used to back in the day when I was groupie, uh, I mean "dedicated fan."

Hey Dave! I was just cruisin' around the old web and saw a mention of us (AMADAN) in your comments. I've forwarded your link to the rest of the lads in the band as I thought they would get a kick out of your show experience. We've been approached by a beer sponsor before. I think we decided that if we could see through the beer, then we couldn't be sponsored by the company...or something like that :-)

Anyway, I'm glad that someone else knows how it feels to dodge they stray pokings of a great fiddler's bow. Naoyuki, our fiddler will most definitely put out one of our eyes before we are done as a band...big stages are good for safety...

Great reading! Hope we see you when we get up your way...

Sounds like you would enjoy my show and know others who would as well. Please check it out at http://clevelandcelticpodcast.com.


Wendy Donahue
Cleveland Celtic Podcast

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