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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


Hi Dave...

Yeehaw Junction is a cool place for OTR truckers and people headed to South Florida. It's a good place to find a relatively clean restroom, a snack, and over-priced gasoline. There's nothing but orange groves and pasture land for miles around.

Hwy 60 runs from the Tampa area southeast to Vero Beach. Yeehaw Junction is where you can hop on the Florida Turnpike to head south to Miami instead of navigating the 2-lane nightmare through little country towns with overzealous law enforcement officers.

But let me tell you - the only thing bigger than high school football in Central Florida, is SWAT roundup... those boys are serious. ;)


OH, and Yeehaw Junction is a TOWN, not a road... ;)

Hi Dave,

Just wanted you to know that Miguel is a police officer in Coral Gables, Florida and is part of the SWAT Team.

I also wanted to clarify that the word "Menudo" for which the group was named after has a different meaning in Puerto Rico where the group originated than "tripe". Not sure what country Menudo means tripe but in Puerto Rico Menudo means "small change" like in "coins" or "small children" which is the real meaning behind the group's name which is why the members weren't allowed to stay in the group past 16 years of age.

Just thought I'd clear that up....;p

hey Dave! you should try to do some research before you write some stupid comment. you don't even know what menudo means so don't talk bs.

Hi, Just wanted to let you know that "menudo" is a Mexican word meaning tripe but it does not mean that in other Latin countries. And I really would like to remind everyone that other spanish speaking countries exist other than Mexico. "Menudo" means "little things" in Puerto Rico, where the group originated. I'm from neither but was a huge Menudo fan and poor Miguel lost some toes, too, and still walks with a cane. Just keeping you updated :-)

Actually poor Miguel lost more than some toes. He also lost parts of his left hand and has since the accident been through 9 surgeries to restructure his left hand which is why he lost toes since they removed those in order to reconstruct his hand and now needs the cane to maintain his balance. It was very sad what happened to him.

Also, "menudo" in P.R. where they group was fabricated means "small things or small children" that is the reason for the group's name. Also, Fernando one of the group's original members is quite ill with "Lou Gehrig's Disease." I hope he is able to beat it. Let us all pray for both Miguel and Fernando.

Dave. I´m mexican woman my name is Blanca, and I´m from Monterrey, México; I´m trying to write some words in English just for to tell you,that you have no feelings for the people, because, you does not like, or your family,to have an accident like that. Think before say something. Also Menudo in Puerto Rico means teenagers, people is about 12,13,14,15 more or less. And the name of the group is beacuse the boys can stay in the band when they are older than 15, so they have to be reemplazed for another boy younger. 26 years ago we heard their music and that was really clean music, they dont say any bad word like music of today; that was a good time . If you ´have a kids, maybe you wants they have a better opportunities in the live and a better world, and thats a problem because we are destroying OUR world with our acts, like music, war, movies and internet... Take care your family and God Bless You

"Menudo" does not mean "tripe" it is in fact some kind of popular soup served in mexico and in some parts of the world/ "Menudo" in spanish means "Often" with this teenage gropu it means "small things' menudo does have different meanings in mexico as well as we use that word in several ways. Do not try to make fun of something u dont know!

Okay, everybody. I stand corrected... sort of. It turns out "menudo" has different meanings in different parts of the world. In Mexico, it is a soup, made with tripe:


In Puerto Rico, according to people posting comments here, it apparently means small things or small change, or something like that, which is a much more appropriate meaning for a boy band.

So... thanks to those of you who helped set the record straight. To those of you who decided to scold me like a cranky old grandma, I am sorry I ruffled your feathers. But hey, this is a blog. I don't get paid for writing it, and I don't have time to fact-check every detail. I based my earlier statement on news reports I heard a long time ago.

Lazy reporting on my part? Yep. But you know what? Your indignant rants make me giggle.

Here is some advice: When writers makes mistakes (especially humor writers like me), we are much more likely to take your corrections and/or criticism seriously if you take a deep breath, remember that we are human, and explain things to us without throwing a tantrum.

When you throw tantrums, we laugh at you.

In conclusion, two things:

1) In Mexico, menudo actually is a soup made with tripe. In Puerto Rico, where the band is from, it is not. Thank you for your input.

2) Based on past blogging experience, people are going to continue posting rants here, calling me names, telling me I am an ignorant loser who has no right to write anything, blah, blah, blah.... I could delete your comments, or turn off comments altogether, or just delete this entire post about Menudo (the band). But your name-calling makes me giggle, so I'm going to leave your comments online.

Hi Dave,

Glad that things were cleared up about the meaning behind the group Menudo's name. It would be easy to see how one can become confused since the meaning changes even between latin american countries. I grew up in NJ from Cuban parents so Menudo in Cuba means "often" and since the group oftenly changed members, for some time I thought that was the meaning behind the group's name but as I remained a fan of Menudo for about 4 or 5 years, I learned their true meaning "small change" and also "small children." The creator of the group Edgardo Diaz, clarified in an interview that his reasoning behind the group's name came mainly from those two meanings since its memebers were small children (ages 11 - 16) with often small changes. I am glad that you decided to leave the blog page for Menudo and I wouldn't even give those who scolded, not even a second thought. LOL It is a sad situation for both Miguel and Fernando and I hope they get well or can get past their struggles.

Thank you and take care,

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