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Wednesday, June 16, 2004


Catching up on my reading....

Used to live in the mid-cities area between Fort Worth and Dallas so the ballpark was something of a close neighbor. I did not see it live but did catch it the following afternoon on ESPNs Pardon the Interruption. They roasted the guy. Then, the next day, our sports talk radio station http://www.theticket.com went on the air and asked listeners to rat him out - call and tell us who it was and where he lived. Within a few minutes they had several phone calls all with the same name and number.

Guy had to leave town for a few days. He's since said he owed the kid the ball and the family an apology. He was also going to give them tickets to a future Rangers game.

What a guy. But, you know he was a bigger jerk to the lady he flopped on - barely touched the kid who didn't have a clue to even what a foul ball was.

Life in the metroplex is never dull. Can't wait for the next gaff at Valley Ranch - where the Cowboys train and work out.

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