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Thursday, June 10, 2004


UNBELIEVEABLE!! I have been digging up all the crappy info. that customers have been going through, and I, myself have also had an extremely bad experience with DELL. I will NEVER recomment a Dell, nor will I ever own another one. I also plan to send a letter to the better business bureau. My problems began the day I purchased the peice of #&($*#(!!

I am glad that I am not alone in my feelings regarding Dell. From the moment I purchased this computer I have ben highly dissatisfied with the customer service and at times the computer itself. For starters the price that I was quoted was not the price that I was charged. Second, Dell tried to charge me an additional eighty nine dollars for a printer that came with my system. A rep. had the gual to offer me a camera as an incentive to all the problems that were occuring. I told her where she could shove her camera. I only wish I had done my homework on Dell before purchasing a computer from them.

Rated # 1 in customer service, by who?

Has anybody gotten satisfaction from Dell on their issues? I am currently in the middle of one in which I feel they owe me a different monitor and $120. Maybe I should just take my lumps (smaller than some apparently,) and never look back? comments would be helpful.

What Dell and Dell Financial Services need is a class action lawsuit. No business would operate the way they do unless it is INTENTIONAL. Hit Mr. Dell where it hurts...in the pocketbook and in his companies reputation in the marketplace.

I agree with you. The Dell Corporation is obviously ignoring customer service and the pattern does indicate that they know it.
I have been reading negative postings and all of them seem to parallel my own issues that I am having with a notebook purchased from them over a year ago. They have yet to take action to solve my problems and to respond to repeated demands for repairs or replacement.
I am in the process of compiling as many complaints as I can inside my own State of Connecticut to present to the Attorney General's Office to see if such a class action suit is possible.
Someone has to take this bull by the horns and if one person from each state would do as I plan to, I'd bet that Dell would sit up and take notice.

It took dell 30 seconds to approve me for a $5,000 credit line. 5 minutes to take my order for the computer. 2 and 1/2 days to arrive. But it only worked for 1 and 1/2 days!!!!!! hasn't worked since. replacement part was bad! Tech and customer service are making me crazy. This is killing me! I should have done more research and went to this site.

It took dell 30 seconds to approve me for a $5,000 credit line. 5 minutes to take my order for the computer. 2 and 1/2 days to arrive. But it only worked for 1 and 1/2 days!!!!!! hasn't worked since. replacement part was bad! Tech and customer service are making me crazy. This is killing me! I should have done more research and went to this site.

For the past several days, Darby Conley (does the Get Fuzzy cartoon) has been railing on Dull computers and their lousy help desk tech support. Know your out of the country and might not have seen it.


Dell's customer service is laughable. The last few times I've had to deal with them I felt like I was on Candid Camera. Their service is SO bad it's as if the reps have been instructed to screw up. Why does Dell even bother to have a customer service department, regardless of how much they save by outsourcing it to India? Michael Dell must be one selfish, arrogant, greedy pr*ck.

Well, Dell and DFS have royally screwed up my credit, by claiming I should have paid for a computer for months that I never received. I finally got my account all credited to a zero balance, but they now have reported to credit bureaus that I was 90-days late. I've never been 10 days late, much less 90. Now, I can't get a decent rate on a refinance. When I call DFS, they say, "there's nothing we can do". Well, we'll see about that. I'm all for this class action suit.

I bought & financed my Dell around Christmas-time; on 3/9/04 I called and asked for the PAY-OFF AMOUNT. I was given a figure, and I paid it (by the way, they won't take a credit card -- you have to pay by tele-check and they charge you a "transaction fee" for it). Here's the kicker: I start getting bills that the payoff amount was actually $4.46 higher than I was told. Any reputable company would've written it off, but Dell kept sending bills (each increased by $1) and after 105 days I got a call from the DFS Collections dept! I was told that if I didn't pay, they would post it as an unpaid debt on my credit (history) report. So please be forewarned, Dell will change the price, and strong-arm you to make you pay, and damn the customer and their reputation. I intend to make as much noise about this as possible, in hopes of embarrassing them -- suggestions are welcome!

I would like to add my comment about Dell Customer Service. What a joke to even call it that!

I ordered my computer on July 26. Just like previous postings, they were quick to get me signed up for a credit account, and quick to get the computer here. I was so happy!

When I ordered the computer, by phone, I asked specifically about their recycling process for old units. I was told that the return labels would be included with my shipment. All I had to do was "box up my old computer, slap on the labels, call UPS and they'd come and pick it up". No charge to me.

The labels were not included and this is where Dell lost interest in me. I have contacted them over 7 times and still have not received the labels. Customer Support in India can't even understand what I want and is not "authorized" to help me. Customer Support online keeps promising to order the labels for me, which has happened twice. But then the company doesn't ship them!!!! The order just sits in limbo.

I join everyone posting so far in being thoroughly disgusted with Dell.

I am wondering if there is a class-action suit in process againt DELL Financial. I would like to join.

1) For over 6 months DELL Financial has sent my bill to a different state & to an unknown individual. The company refuses to change the billing address. While I have called India 10-12 times to correct this error, I get absolutly nowhere.

Instead, the company has charged me with $400 late fees & ruining my credit. Still not sending me any bills.

2) The company has stated several times that they will reverse the late fees, but did not.

3) They break the privacy laws by sending customer information to unknown individuals.
Once pointing this out, the India customer service person refused to tell me who is getting my bill and personal information.

4) The funny part is, every time I call India, after 45 minutes, the guy takes my correct billing address (so he claims). However, when I ask him to read it back to me, he can't. I think he has been told to fake it. Thats why the billing address never gets changed.

This is like entering the twilight zone.

Class-action, sign me up

Wow, I can't believe that Dell screwed so many of us over. I want to sue them also!!! I paid for technical support and I haven't gotten any in the 3 years that I owned this dell! They make you hold forever and then connect you to India. It took us 20 minutes to get through my service tag number, name, address, height, weight... lol it's ridiculous.... Then when i finally get frustrated I ask for a supervisor and NOBODY can ever put one on the phone with me. All they know how to do is "Apologize for the inconvenience" and make you stupid promises like "someone will call you tomorrow". I have Written Dell by email over 10 times and asked them REAL big... HAVE SOMEONE THAT SPEAKS ENGLISH FROM THE US contact me... and what do they do??? They have some lady from India call and do nothing excepts apologize for the inconvenience. My tech support agreement is up in Oct 2004. So how do we do a class action suit?!?!?


I have been a long time customer of Dell (over 8 years). Two years ago I ordered a laptop and financed it through Dell Financial supposedly at no interest. You guessed it, the interest charges started immediately. Numerous emails produced no results. 4 months later they admitted that they had a 'computer' problem that incorrectly charged interest. Long story short, they never did refund the interest.
Silly me, I ordered a desk top in January. yesterday the computer refuses to boot up because it can't find the hard drive. Two and a half hours on hold and speaking to people that don't speak english yield no results. I give up and send in an email. I receive an email that some hard drive noise is normal. Unbelievable......
Dell is quickly losing the secret that made them successful.

It's good to know that I am not alone with my issues with Dell Tech Support....or lack of. My system is 4 months old. Bought it through the Home and Office, but am using it in my business. Should that make a difference? Dell took my money either way! I paid extra for software and periphial support. Issue is with a Dazzle reader that I purchased with the system. Can't get the drive to be recognized. Have been bounced back and forth between hardware and software support. Spent numerouse hours on hold so far. Have repeated by service tag number so many times I have it memorized. 2 techs from hardware have gone to the extent of saying they will research my issue and call me right back. That was a week ago. Software support won't let you past the person who says "although she's not a tech person", pretends to listen to you but than(no matter what you say) quickly says it's not her department's problem and sends you back to the hardware que. Tried e-mailing my issue only to get an automated response that did not fit the problem in any way. I am so angry I could scream. Need to replace 5 more computers in my office. It is safe to bet they will not be Dell's!

I suddenly feel like I am not alone. In 2001 I bought a Dell laptop and financed it through DFS. My company agreed to pay the monthly payments because at the time they could not afford to outright purchase one for me. So from 2001-June 2004 my company generated checks every month. Usually on time but sometimes 4-7 days late DFS would get the payments. Then all of a sudden in June I am 3 days late and they start calling. I can't understand a word they are saying to me. I explained over and over that my company pays the bill and it should be there shortly. THis has gone on for months. I ask why they call me after 4 days when this has never been a problem for years. THey say they don't want me to get charged a late fee. THe last poor soul that called me got unloaded on by me on a bad day. My accounting department says they are 3 months AHEAD in payments. So, now for 4 days I have been calling and getting "customer care", to use that term loosely, asking for a payment history report. Each time I am informed that I have to call back to a different number, tommorrow. I am so pissed off I would like to send the frigging thing back to them. I fell much better now that I have vented.

I purchased a camera from Dell when I purchased my computer. I have made 5 telephone calls to Dell to see if I could get it fixed or replaced. I have yet reached a voice that could help me. I also sent two emails which were never responded to. And to believe that I have paid for this service. It is absolutely dreadful. I see that I will probably have to purchase another camera based on Dell's history of non responsiveness.

I will never purchase anything from them again. And if you choose to begin a lawsuit against them, please include me.

OH MY GOD!!! I am sooooo glad that I am not alone. DELL "S Customer service is the POSTER CHILD for BAAAAD Service. And I mean really really bad. I have been with them on the phone for long enough to learn their litte patterns, and I really do belive it is purposeful.(I suspect unless you will buy something immediately)
I will list to avoid getting too verbose.
1. Service sought: I wanted to exchange the graphics card I selected (300x) for the 800x (Which was the other choice when I was configuring my system online).
2. Rep # 1 1st call to see if I can do this, maybe before production is complete? Rep VERY difficult to understand and very impatient. Apparently Dell customers also like to be asked how the weather is...a lot, ( a calming effect?). she says that I would have to cancel order to do what I want.
3. Rep# 2 Knowing that service can vary between reps I call again. This guy was Very plesant and easy to understand, but puts me on hold(2) and then says that I need to go to another area, will send to person who can help. Transfered.
4. Rep# 3 Wins "Convinceablity" award. Sam, good frendly name excellent english. Gives Bogus rep ID #, bogus case manager extension. Says exhange is no problem. Give's me #.s to call and OOOOOO point of sale purchasing for the upgrade, Just call asap when the PC arrives, using case # and talk to rep for exchange instruction. I am feeling like I'm finally getting something done. I LIKE SAM.
5. Rep # 4 Finally after obligate hold and that same dammed music. Get gal who sounds as unintelligable as rep # 1. I immediately hang up and recast for better catch.(Sam did say anyone could help)
6. Rep 5# this gal seems OK at first, and as many of them she is working hard to sound 'non foreign'(Sam had NO accent but would not give me his last name, but he did give his Rep ID #...Quite clever) rep 5's Holds = 5, varying durations. uses my Case # but still has to ask All the questions. Exactly WHAT was in my case file???(I know "caution: non buyer: wants help") She is creative too(probably talking to Sam at ajoining telemarket station) Gives me a 45.00 credit to my account and says to call sales and use the credit ref# I get for the credit when I make my purchase. Also she will let me keep the 300x graphics card..WOW. thats service.!!! She obviously likes Sam Case# thing so she gives me one too, an new one, along with the name number and ext. for her 'case manager' as well a her "rep id #"
(Apparently they go tired of the exchange senario)
7. SAlES REP# 6 Gets my case # and says that I am in the wrong sales area(case# reads 'Caution: Annoying customer Insisting on service. If you are new, send to professonals at #'s----- to avoid tea time interruption.')

I am out of space but Case manager 2(After infoming her of excessive holds, tries to put me on HOLD!!) and reps 7&8 were the professionals. If anyone wants to hear the rest let me know, but, I know you feel my pain......So who do I go to now is the question......



I've been in Dell Hell for nearly two months now. I was looking at computers online, and called with some questions. The rep (in India) told me that I would get free shipping for ordering from her. In addittion, she said I would be able to get 90 days no interest, no payments. Well, I didn't get either. I called the toll free service number and they did credit back the $110.00 shipping (kind of high, since I live only 75 miles from their warehouse.) A few days later, I got a call from a Dell Financial Services collector (in India again) telling me my account was 30 days past due, and asking for a payment. I told the rep I had 90 days no interest, no payments. The rep said I had not qualified for this. I WAS NEVER TOLD THAT!! I've never gotten a statement from them, but did get a letter from the Austin Texas office asking for a payment. Disgusted, I sent payment in full to the only address I had, which was DFS in Austin, where the letter came from. They still have not credited my account. I've been emailing back and forth for three weeks now, getting "cut and paste" replies from India. Each one apologizing, but doing nothing. Each one telling me I sent my payment to the wrong address. Each one reminding me that interest is accruing on my account. Each one reminding me that I did not qualify for the special financing plan. (I've got top credit, with no late payments or collections ever.) Each one telling me to check out their "new and improved" website. This is getting really frustrating. I've seen postings on other websites (complaints.com, planetfeedback.com & squeekywheel.com) from people who've had the same thing happen. Promises from their reps, especially about the 90 day no payments or interest financing, and then they find they are being charged interest, late payment charges, etc. All the while, Dell isn't sending statements. What a ripoff, bait and switch scam. Count me in for a class action suit.

BTW, I got the Dell corporate switchboard number, called, and a nice lady put me into the "executive response" voice mail box. I left a message, but they haven't called back yet. I'll take a "wait and see" stance on that.


I also am having Dell problems, with an Inspiron 9100.
So can anyone tell me aside from getting a laywer how to reach someone at Dell who can get something done?
I at this point don't think I want to keep this computer.
Dell technical support will not give me any telephone numbers I've requested nor will they answer my direct questions.
Any suggestions before I start looking for a laywer?

ya'll really strange, you know how many systems Dell sells a day, compare that with how many people that unhappy with their system its almost nothing... but again we are human and we have to bitch all the time, sometimes about Dell other time about gateway.. I'm sure you have some type of business and some of your customers think you suck


Worst customer service EVER! Every call means explaining everything from the beginning to each Customer Care rep, because their records seem incomplete.

They shipped me a refurbished Axim that died after 3 hours. My first Customer Care rep said it would be replaced the next day, and I should have it 2 days after that.

When it didn't show up and I called, Customer Care rep #2 told me that I shouldn't have been promised a specific shipping date because it's against company policy to do so. She gave me another tentative shipping date.

When it didn't show up again, Customer Care Rep #3 told me it 'should go out within a week'. I cancelled the order, got a return authorization number, and sent the Axim back.

30 days went by after they received it back, and my credit wasn't issued. I was told they have 30 days to start issuing the credit, then it takes 10-15 days after that to actually receive it.

In the meantime, they shipped the replacement for the order that I CANCELLED 5 weeks earlier. This part was returned the next day. But, that seemed to start the credit process all over. When I called to complain about that, a case specialist told me that the credit would be expedited, and should be received within 3-5 days.

When that didn't happen (what a surprise), I contacted Dell again and was told that no credit was issued because I had receieved a replacement part. They had no record that the replacement part had already been returned. So, the credit process started over again.

When I told them it was wrong to make me wait longer because of their mistakes, they said there was nothing they could do except go thru the process. Obviously Customer Care is not given the tools to cut thru the b@llsh*t and get something that should be simple fixed.

At least 4 people have told me they would "expedite" this, and now it's going to take yet another 20 days.

World Class customer service? I don't know what world they live in.


Suffice to say, I agree with all the above...I have been losing hair (wish I were joking) over a PC I ordered through Dell 6 weeks ago, and for which I am still waiting.....I have been promised EIGHT call backs, surprise, surprise no-one has called me back. I even got through to their holy cow of a 'manager' - aren't i the lucky one, and he even promised he would look into it, call me back and arrange special delivery given my hassle....I'm still waiting.

And no-one in that India call centre can give you a UK contact, but I made up sufficient e-mail addresses to actually get through to a real-life customer relations rep in Ireland who speaks English (after 6 weeks)

DELL is easily the WORST consumer experience I have been through. Heed my warning and go to a store where you can purchase a decent PC there and then and take it home. Dell cut costs at OUR expense.

PS. I wish I'd done my research beforehand showing DELL up for the crappy company it really is!!!!

After reading some of the posted emails on Dell customer support I am counting my blessings that I didn't have some of those problems with Dell. The problems I have had seem really small compared to some of those. They were big enough to make me really angry and frustrated with Dell customer support though and if anyone gets a class action law suit going against Dell I definitely want to be included. This company needs a serious wake up call! I called to get a quote on a computer and was told that I should go ahead and open a DFS account to lock in my quote price because the price may go up over night. I was told that I could call back to make any changes to the quote and then place the order. The DFS web site states that you can open an account without placing an order so I agreed to open the account under those conditions. After receiving an email of the quote I saw a change I wanted to make and called the sales agent several times and sent him emails for the next two days saying that I wanted to make a change to the quote and then place the order. He never returned my calls or answered my emails. Two days after I called to get the quote I found out that he had placed the order when he said he was only giving me a quote and part of the order was shipped out the day I called to get the quote. I didn't appreciate at all him placing the order when I had only asked for a quote, but I still wanted to buy the computer and the change I wanted to make was to the purchased warranty and wouldn't affect the computer that was already in shipment to me so I thought there should be no problem in making the change to the order. When I finally received a statement from DFS I found out that I was not given the no interest for a year option that was advertised in Dell's catalog. I have excellant credit and there was no reason I should not have been given this option. I spent a rediculous amount of time on the phone and sending emails to Dell Customer Support and DFS customer support trying to get the warranty changed on the 'quote' as I was I was told I could before placing the order and getting the no interest option as advertised by Dell. DFS customer support told me I would have to talk to Dell customer support and Dell customer support told me I would have to talk to DFS customer support. Contact by phone and email had the same effect. They just continued to pass me back and forth from DFS to Dell and from one person to another within each division. I asked to be put in contact with a supervisor in each division and was ignored by both. Finally after doing some searching I found out that John Hamlin is the Sr Vice President for Dell Customer Support. I sent him a letter and enclosed copies of emails to customer support documenting the way they passed my complaint back and forth and that no one ever addressed my complaint. I also sent copies of the corrrespondence to Kevin Rollins the CEO of Dell Computer Corp. I never received a response from either of them. I'm not surprised at that because if they cared about how customers were treated all of these problems with customer service wouldn't exist. The problems in a Corp always start at the top and work their way down. I am all for a class action suit against Dell. When they advertise in their catalog a no interest for a year option for well qualified customers and do not give that option to someone with excellant credit that is false advertising and there are laws against false advertising. I really don't need their crummy option ........... it just made me really mad the way I was treated by customer support. When I asked why I was not given the option they just passed me around from one person to another and no one ever gave me an answer. They totaly ignored me when I told them that the order was placed without my approval and ignored my request to make the change to the purchased warranty.
I will never buy another Dell Computer
I am sure that there are more than enough people who would be willing to join in a class action suit against Dell

Class action law suit. I'm in DFA needs its butt handed to them talk about breaking every rule in the book. A.G. in your stated need to hear about this low life financial arm of Dell.

I went with HP so far so good. I did get the 6 months not payments and no interest from them its not a bait and switch thing so far. Like I have seen so many post about Dell.

About six months ago I received a pop-up on my computer screen from Dell. It notified me that I had a credit limit of $1,500. I have excellent credit, but I looked at the deal anyway. I clicked here and there and a computer arrived in a week.
Each month I paid triple the monthly payment by phone. There was a $10 charge for this, but what the hell, who writes checks and mails letters anymore?
Two weeks ago, I wanted to pay off the balance. I was told by the rep in India that the final payment could not be paid over the phone because I would still owe the $10 on the next billing cycle. I told the polite lady in India to just add the $10 to my final payment. She said that I had no choice but to send my final payment by "snail mail" with a personal check.
I sent a check on 15 October 2004. I checked to make sure that the payment was credited because the due date is on 4 November 2004. The check had not arrived according to DFS. I checked Bank of America online. The funds were still in my account.
I called India again and begged them to let me pay by phone. I was told to mail another check. After speaking with five or six reps, I was finally told that a new program had been set up to pay online. I tried, and it did not work. I called back and was told that this was a pilot program and it still had a few bugs in it -- a computer company that cannot accept computer payments without bugs?
I asked for a phone number in the USA. I was given a number and called it. The lady would not confirm that she was in the USA. She would NOT give me the country where she lived. After speaking with her supervisor, guess what? I was back in India for the 10th time.
I was told that the $10 fee had gone up to $15 per payment, as of today (1 November 2004). This might seem trivial, but I have credit card accounts where my monthly payments are only $15 per month. If they were with DFS I would, I presume, be paying $30 each month!
I had no choice but to pay the fee -- which I was told I could not do two weeks ago, and now my account is at zero balance.
But, the story does not end here. The money has been taken out of my bank account, but Dell has not credited my DFS account.
I will find a number for the DFS president, and call him at home for the next six months to see if they have worked out their payment process yet. Yes, I work for the government and getting the unlisted phone number will be no problem. John Ashcroft can listen to my calls until John Kerry fires him!

I have also been screwed by Dell! I argued with customer service so many times that when they called me during dinner to try and sell me a camera, I decided to pay the whole thing off. Well, 3 months later, they try to charge me for the computer again by going through my bank. Luckily I live in a small town and the bank called to varify before paying them again. They are trying to get me to pay for the computer twice. You know how thier customer service is...like talking to a 9 month old about politics. They are so incompotent that the issue is still left unresolved. Please help me fight this company!!!!

DELL from HELL....and I thought I was the only one. Actually I am on my second extended trip to DELLHELL...after many months and hours and hours on hold and all the usual tech stuff as downloading new bios, and new drivers and pushing the F2 button until you think your finger will break off, I was finally sent a replacement lap top.....it worked fine until Tuesday night when the screen went dark, having forgotten the extreme pain I experienced the first 6 months of owning my original Dell, I called hopeful and optimistic, the tech was obviously new but trying to help...after an hour and many F2 tappings she really was convinced that my screen was too dark to use my laptop and said that they would send me a part and if that part did not work then I was to call back and get another part....., then she said that I should uninstall my video driver, go get an external monitor (from where I do not know) and then reinstall the driver...)By now it was midnight and we agreed that I would call back in the morning. This is when things went to Hell in a handbasket. Yesterday I talked to 14 different people, either through unintentional (how can that be) transfers or transfers because the person that was supposed to be assisting me could not. Two people out of everyone did call me back and Bobby who was the most helpful did indeed order two parts even though he told me technically I was in the wrong department he felt sorry for everything I went through and that by noon the next day I would have a service tech call me and schedule my in home service for the next day....imagine my shock (sarcasm intended) when I received no call. Dell had actually given me the number to the service provider in my area. I called them and they said the order was on back order and they had no idea when it would arrive.

Of course I should not be overly concerned right...thats what Dell tell me. So I call Dell back (day 3) and Brian answers, he seems helpful enough, sees notes in the screen and sees where the back order exists but tells me that it appears that it is now in the boxing phase and is due to ship today, so a service tech should call me tomorrow, by noon of course (second verse, same song) (already I know that there will be no service until next week just by the fact that Friday at noon they will call and tell me that the schedule is full...been there done this before with Dell)...so I ask Brian if he can expedite a service call and schedule it now so if indeed the part does arrive we will have an appt. He said he thought he could do this and put me on hold, I asked for his phone number but he said he could not give it to me but he verified mine and promised he would call me if something happened.....40 minutes later of being on hold....Melissa answers, who is quite rude and tells me she will hang up on me if I do not cooperate, she asked me I was sure I was talking to Brian at Dell and why would I beleive what he says and that I was not on hold, I must have called her...her computer says the part is on back order and she has no way of knowing why he would say it was reset for delivery on 11/19 and she would cancel that order and start over, I asked her not to and if she could just double check, she too put me on hold but of course I asked first for her number and of course I can't have it but she said don't worry I am not transferring you, but guess what...YOU ARE NOT GOING TO BELIEVE THIS>>>after 15 minutes, someone by the name of Kenny came on the phone and said How may I help you? I asked him in disbelief how he got my call and he said because I called him...YIKES!!!!!! So I told him my story for the umpteenth time and he said his screen shows the part had a ETA of 11/19/2004 and that a service technician will call me.....and that he would call the service provider and ask them to expedite my appt. I asked him to call me after he called the service provider, and he asked me why, and I told him so that I know it was taken care of, so he agreed to call me. Well now it's 3:30 and I have not heard back from Dell. Did I really expect to.....I think not. So will I hear from a service technician tomorrow...
I beleive in Miracles...do you! NEVER BUY A DELL. My letter that I am writing to Mr. Dell, the board, the state and to consumer watch on TV etc, with the names and times of all the calls and some of the ludricrous comments included will further astound you, but the above is a quick summary. In the meantime I will go to the library to do work, and pray for the day I can afford to buy a non Dell replacement. If anyone is aware of any other options I have to solve this, or if there are other consumer organizations, attorney generals offices etc to contact, please let me know.

i bought a laptop got the wrong one called within 20 minutes of recieaven it they said they would send upgrades that i ordered then sent wrong stuff said i ordered extended warranty not dvd burner that a dvd player was sent as a present this is not what i ordered been paying for two years for sumthing i didnt order and its 400 dollors over what i financed
and they said within 30 days it would be resolved after i waited they said cant help me cause its over 30 days i didnt order this i ordered completely different model no additional warranty wanted better video card got 1.6 instead of 1.7 didnt get dvd burner got cd player didnt get my memory and im not payin another cent screw them let them write me off there service is alot of bull again i tried to send back 20 minutes after recieaveing it and they asured me they would fix order but know say i got what i ordered never got my rebate and there dell finanicial are complete jerks so im done if theres a lawyere with a class action suite
please notify me im in there nuts ripoffs

Send DFS a payment between the first and fourth of every month (via bank online bill paying) for my college age daughter's laptop, which was a HS graduation gift.

Somehow DFS never finds the check, or applies it to my account until AFTER they have attempted to apply a late fee. A monthly call (to India) for the past five months has been the norm to get the late fee removed.

Check for Nov 2004 was mailed by bank on Nov 3 and finally cleared on Nov 28! From Texas to Illinois should be a three day trip by snail mail at most.

This is a disgusting and obvious ploy to stiff the consumer. DFS "customer service" is an oxymoron ... I get just as much benefit talking to my front door.

I am now sending all payments via certified mail RRC. FWIW, I am writing the Texas ATTY General's office and will join any law suit anyone wants to bring.

Never again will I buy a DELL!

Goodness, what a cacaphony! I've been trying to get through to Dell via phone and waiting and wading through an endless list of menu options. Even pretending I didn't have a touch tone phone didn't work, the options just kept coming. Then, after reading all (well, some anyway) of this I decided I would not buy a Dell after all. I guess all those happy Dell customers must just be a hopeful illusion for Dell. Oh, and someone did finally come on the line after I pushed a barrage of zeros, an operator in the Phillipines. She couldn't answer my question about whether service calls could be made to my relatively remote town in N. Minnesota. Sigh

Class Action Suit.
Anyone aware of one? I want to include my input. These #%%$# won't care or change until it hits them in the pocketbook.

Well thank God I ordered only a Pcituremate digital printer. Said IN STOCK, and the paper & ink came real quick, still waiting for the printer (Xmas present). Tried to chat, but because I was a work (not home) this was denied. Went to site for chat from work and also denied. Tried the phone, and after 20 options, never found an actual person to talk too. Finally emailed and said if it can't get here by Xmas forget it. Also added...that with daughter going to college needing a computer & other
related items... I sure as hell was not going to buy from Dell. Now that I see this site, I am so happy I'm not buying a piece of shit dell computer. Sounds like (a) it would not work, and (b) I'd never get it paid off, even if I paid for it twice. I'm truely appalled that they can get away with this. Louisa

Dell has the worst customer service. I never buy another Dell or tell anyone good things about them. you can't even understand the reps, and they get snotty with you when you say that.
I still have an unresolved issue with them and suspect that it will never be taken care of. They are incompetant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i purchased a dell almost 2 years ago i have not missed a payment since. when i get my bill its 35$ more than my payment . the computer cost 1400.00 dollars i've paid on it almost 2 years and i still owe 1696.00 dollars. that is cunsumer rip off at this rate i will never get the system paid off. i would like to know the e-mail of someone to contact to make a settlement

I wanted help to reinstall MSN messenger, since I am alone at home i didnt have your customer service 1 800 number, it would be great if you could help.We use Dell

I am having a terrible time with DELL too. I found this email on the internet. She may be working up a class action. Anyway it is probably at least worth finding out.


I bought a Dell computer in July 2004, and financed it through Dell Financial Services. What a mistake! Since I want to get it paid off as quickly as possible I've been paying between $15 and $25 a month more than the minimum payment, and sending the check out within a day or two of getting the bill each month.

Last week I got a call from a "Tyler" at DFS Collections, a man with a very heavy Indian accent, telling me they didn't receive my December payment, which was due on the 13th. He didn't want me to check with my bank to see if they had cashed the check or not, but demanded that I make an immediate payment over the phone for the December payment or else he was going to charge me a $35 late payment charge and notify the credit reporting companies that my account was delinquent. I told him I would check with my bank and call him back in a few minutes and hung up.

It turns out Dell had cashed my check on the 13th of December (the due date). When I called back to let him know that, I waited on hold, and then got another agent ("Rick", who also had a strong Indian accent), who said there were no notes in the computer about my conversation a few minutes earlier, that he had no idea who "Tyler" was (gee, you'd think that an Indian whose name was Tyler would be so unusual that everyone in the office would know who he was...) and when I told him they had cashed my check and needed to investigate and get the payment applied to my account told me he would do that, but I still needed to make a payment for December's bill right now or he' charge me the $35 late payment charge!

He said I'd have to fax a copy of the cancelled check to a # in Austin, and it would take several weeks to be researched. And, no, Dell would not call me to let me know they located my $50; I'd have to call them.

When I asked my bank for a copy of the cancelled check I found out Dell had cashed it electronically, and all the bank had was a trace #, which Dell could use to track where they'd applied my money. I called back to yet another Dell person, to let them know there was no actual cancelled check, but a trace # instead, who told me he'd note the records and begin the investigation.

But when I called back the next day to check on the status, there was nothing noted on my account about any trace # or investigation. To make it worse, the agent I got this time said they they don't even handle researching lost payments, that I'd have to call the customer service department.

After 3 days of calling 800 283 2210 and either being disonnected because there were too many calls in queue, or holding for someone and finally giving up, I reached a person. She told me to fax a copy of my bank statement showing that Dell had cashed my check. I asked her how that was going to help them find the payment, since all it showed was the date, my check number and that it was paid to Dell Financial Services, but she insisted this is all they need - however, if I want to include the trace number with the fax of the bank statement that would be fine! And, that I should call back in a few weeks to see if they found the payment - no one from Dell would contact me.

When I asked about crediting the $35 late payment charge, I was told it would be credited once the payment was applied, if I called in to the customer service department and requested it be credited. What kind of customer service is this? - They make a mistake and charge me a late payment fee for it and I need to call and ask for it to be credited once they correct their mistake??

I intend to call Dell's customer service department every single day until they find my payment and it's applied to my bill and the late payment charge (and the interest I'm sure they're going to charge on the late payment charge)is credited. I also plan on suing Dell in small claims court for the late payment charge and interest, as well as making a complaint to the Texas attorney's general's office and Better Business Bureau about Dell's shoddy business practices.

DELL Products & Service - UK Experience
DELL Customer Care, Service & Support: Score 000/100!
Purchased System which included DELL GPD20C (Mitsubishi HL6945) Monitor at a cost of some 1,314 GBP in February 1994. Within an eighteen month subsequent period had two replacement Monitors shipped due to total failure, shortly thereafter the third Monitor failed - all assumed identical fault/failure. NONE of the Monitors shipped, including the original were new; ALL were used/repaired units! Monitor has remained in the box ever since - over the years, numerous e-mails/faxes/snail-mail have been directed to DELL UK & USA Headquarters for attention, also to Mitsubishi who deny having experienced any problems whatsoever with the particular chassis/Monitor build. All just “bilge” from my experience, I have had three Monitors and all having been previously repaired!
Have got absolutely NOWHERE in my efforts to attain a just outcome with DELL.
The moral, just like the majority of other sector dominant Companies, there is always another “sucker” around the corner. Think carefully about purchasing DELL!
January 2005

So, I had my Axim PDA for 4 months before the screen broke - on its own!
The thing is so cheap, it just 'popped'. Dell won't repair or replace, even though the warrany that came with it (Axim Owner's Manual 0C5024A01 page 153) specifically covers this.
So, now I'm out $300, my PDA, 4 hours on the phone, and 2 days of configuring it.
I talked with a very rude customer service 'manager' who interrupted, talked over me, etc and then ended the call. (And I was polite and asked him to please treat me more respectfully or transfer me to someone who would)
I know my problem is smaller than others, but Dell needs to be changed.

I just sent six pages in 9 point type to Dell executive offices. I don't think they will care, but like many of you, I just stand back and marvel at how bad it is.

Honestly, I don't care if they are Indian. I just want my computer to work. But I don't have any more energy to put into dealing with ineptitude on a grand scale.

No more Dells. It would be stupid to re-up.

Bought my 4th computer from dell in September. Always have been happy with the product and since I never needed service i never had a problem with their service department.





I wish I had seen this site in December. I ordered and paid by credit card for a laptop computer for my daughter for Christmas. Very easy, quick, arrived. Thought all was good. Not good. The computer would not even boot up!!! When I called I got the "let's try this and that" and the "we will send someone to fix it tomorrow" thing. After waiting all day, I found out by my 20th call that whoever told me that, it was not true. Many more days of calls and being on hold and being bounced from person to person and being told to "take down this number", etc. I often asked for a manager; never got one. Was in tears, angry, frustrated. One "Service" rep (?) told me she wouldn't talk with me if I didn't clean up my language. Finally, I just said, "I don't want your ### computer." It was even harder getting it returned. So far no credit to my credit card. Want to hear the really funny thing? I sent a two-page scathing letter to the address on my delivery sheet. It got returned saying "undeliverable as addressed." And it's their address in Austin! So I'm working on getting it to BBB and whoever else will listen. Yes, is there any way we can all start a class-action suit?

Here is letter I sent to Dell (twice) - they lost the first one.
I am writing in response to an error that occurred on my account for my recent purchase of a Dell Inspiron 9200. I purchased the computer on 12/10/2004 and I was lured by the advertisement offering "No Interest Until 2006!":

I read the details of this offer which specifies that well-qualified customers can receive no interest on their purchase over $500. I know that I have an excellent credit rating and I have no doubt that I am a "well-qualified" customer. Therefore, I assumed my purchase of $1,847.90 would qualify for this promotion.

My bill arrived and the "Promotion Expire Date" is 3/10/05. This is obviously not the year 2006 as the promotion above notes.

I spoke with two of your customer service representatives and they were unable and unwilling to help correct this error. I spoke to Randy Dite, who explained to me that when I opened my account in 2002, I qualified for the "90 days same as cash" promotion at that time. He explained that the "credit check" only gets performed when you open the account, and therefore I could not have been qualified for the "No Interest Until 2006!" promotion.

I read the details of the offer again. I did not find ANY terminology that indicated that the promotion was offered to "New accounts" or "new customers" only. In essence, that is what I would have had to do in order to receive this promotion. Since the "credit check" to prove that I am a "well qualified" customer is only done when you open an account, according to Randy, then I would have had to close my account and open a new one. I would like to point out that my last computer purchase was paid IN FULL by the end of the original promotional period.

I cannot believe this is the treatment I receive for being a loyal return customer to Dell. I have high standards and high expectations from Dell. This performance is unacceptable. I expect that this error will be corrected before the end of January, 2005. If not, I am willing to take legal action.
Unhappy customer

I've made numerous phone calls and responded to numerous form letter email responses from them.
I purchased the credit rating score that they use to determine if you "qualify" and I received a 790 / 830 - EXCELLENT.
I want to know what to do next. I'm ready to sue! They shouldn't be able to get away with this false advertising!

How is this for customer service: DFS owes me a refund of **$1739** They have "sent" the check twice, and I still have not recieved it. It has been 2 months. I am getting the run around. Never again will I deal with Dell. They tricked me into using DFS by saying there was a $50 rebate for using it, so I figured I will do it and pay it off. Well you guessed it there was no $50, and I returned the laptop. But they have not returned my $1739!!!!!

Dell rep,badgerd me into almost a thousand dollar computer instead of the $499.00 one I was calling for.I also am paying for a three year service plan.I would like to be in on a lawsuit also.I think sally works for dell.I also wish I could have found this site before christmas.The christmas from hell that never ends.In my mind it never will and I can't get back.ITS SAD.I could have gotten the same computer from wal-mart for$400.00 and every time I go there it's rubbed in my nose again.PLEASE DON'T BUY A DELL ANYTHING!

I'm not going to bother anyone with my experiences with Dell. They suck in Norway as well, but since that was mye boss' money I don't care that much any longer... But folks; and this is important; we're all utterly stupid! Would any of us buy a used car (or any other artifact) by sending our hard earned money, in advance; to a mailbox-adresse, and then picked up the car on the nearest parking-lot? Accepting phrases like: "Just call if there is any problems!" I think not...But of course; Dell makes it easy! To be a sucker....


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