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Monday, May 23, 2005


Quit your whining!!! Your monthly fee that you pay for your service entitles you to airtime only. It doesn't entitle you to demand added services for free. It costs money to put a phone on "hold". That measly $10 recoups some of that cost. Cell phone company is a utility. Last time I checked, your electric company charges a fee to turn on and shut off power.

I'd be embarrassed to rant over a measly $10 bucks. If you can't afford it, I'll send you a ten if you promise to STFU about your inconsequential gripes in the future. It's amazing that we have men fighting and giving up so much in Iraq, while you gripe about a legitimate, $10 fee.

By the way, I don't work for Cingular. Cingular has a reputation for having a dreg customer base in the telecom industry. Great job in proving that point.

Have I just been insulted by Chris?

I have Cingular and I have never been as satisfied with my cell phone service as I am now with Cingular. I've had AT&T (which is why I now have Cingular) and before that Verizon and Nextel - both horrible. So Chris, you can keep your snarky comments about my qualities as a human being (which are excellent - dogs, cats and babies adore me) to yourself but know that I do agree that no temper tantrum was called for because of a small and utterly defensible fee.

Sorry Gayle, meant no offense to you. I adore you too. Poor choice of words on my part.

I meant to say that Cingular has attracted a lot of poor quality customers for several reasons. One, they built their customer base off of mergers and not off of good service/customer loyalty. Two, they give away the candy store to keep what they have. That's why people like Dave can get away with sucking this company dry. Cingular is not in good shape right now.

Recent Wall Street article, Cingular has the highest customer complaints in the industry. Verizon has the least. Most recent consumer reports, Verizon #1, T-Mobile #2, Sprint #3, Cingular #4, and Nextel #5 for networks and customer service ratings. Out here in the West, Cingular has poor coverage. Verizon and Alltel have the best service.

One thing that I like about Cingular: it's American owned and 100% union. If I need a GSM carrier, Cingular would be the one. T-Mobile, which is GSM, may be rated higher as far as service, but T-Mobile is German owned. Parent is Deutsche Telekom. That would be a deal killer for me.

I agree with Chris that 10 dollars to put a phone account on hold temporarily is absolutely reasonable. That's not my complaint about Cingular. My complaint is that they and AT&T have misled me over and over, and lied to me outright on more than one occasion. There's a big difference between charging reasonable fees and lying to potential customers in order to reel them into contracts.

I'm not understanding what this has to do with Iraq. I'm willing to bet that most of the soldiers fighting in Iraq don't like companies that lie to them either. And I'm willing to bet that Cingular has lied to them as much as they've lied to their other customers.

Cingular has a reputation for attracting crappy customers? How fascinating. What does that say about them?

And if you choose to do business with an American company that rips off its customers over a German company that doesn't, that's your choice. Call it patriotism if you will, but I don't believe great nations are created by supporting liars.

On June 5, 2005 my husband went on a business trip to the Bahamas. We share a mobile-to-mobile plan. On June 10, 2005 I made a conscious effort to call Cingular Customer Service to find out if we would be charged for calling each other from our cell phones using our mobile-to-mobile plan to stay in touch. The person from Cingular Customer Service informed me that I will not be charged if I was to call my husband in the Bahamas from my cell phone in Los Angeles, but, my husband would be charged if he made calls from his cell phone. She went on to tell me what the rate would be if my husband made calls. Then she even added that I should make as many calls as I like to him. With that in mind, I pursued to call my husband many times thinking we wouldn't be charged at all.

However, that Cingular Customer Service agent FAILED to inform me that my husband would still be charged for incoming calls to his phone AND even for calls going to his voice mail. Even if it was coming from my cell phone.

This customer service agent FAILED to inform me of what my calling plans were with my former cellular provider, AT&T.

This customer service agent FAILED to advise me that since my husband was out of our calling plan zone, that he would be charged for international roaming.

I called Cingular Customer Service on June 10 as a consumer who wanted to be informed and advised as to what my options were so that we would avoid ending up in a situation like we are in now, a cell phone bill for $565.44.

Had I had been informed properly by a knowledgeable and competent Cingular Customer Service representative, my husband would have not turned on his cell phone for the three weeks he was in the Bahamas. I would have been calling him in his hotel room from my home land line if I had known we would be charged for roaming.

Cingular has very poor customer service. They are employing incompetent customer service representatives who are giving out wrong informations to their customers. And as their customers we suffer because of their mistakes.

We need to stand up for our selves, TOGETHER!! We need to kick their asses all the way to COURT!!

I've had the same problems with Cingular. When I purchased my phone and service from an official Cingular store, Cingular automatically added services I didn't ask for, and guess what, they got an extra $10 out of me the first couple of months. During my contract, they spammed me with SMS advertising, which was annoying since I use my phone mainly for business emergencies, didn't have SMS on my phone, and got charged for (although only a few cents each month.) When I called to ask how to get them to stop, I was told they didn't have a way to turn them off. My 1-year contract was up and I wanted to use my phone in Europe on vacation with a local pre-paid SIM, but Cingular wouldn't unlock it, so they squeezed an extra $50 out of me in roaming charges. For the extra $60 they got out of me, the lost much more as I cancelled my account. This near-sighted approach to business will eventually bury them as long as they have competition. If they had provided better customer service, I'd still be a customer sending them $80 a month. I didn't ask for anything free, just what I though was fair. I even had a customer service rep refuse to forward my support call to a supervisor.

(BTW- Chris, where did you find an American-made cell phone, or do you just have something against Germany in particluar?)

Here's a class-action suit Cingular lost in California for lying to customers:

Cingular is just like my ex-boyfriend! Always lying to try and F**k me over!

I just want to say a hearty 'amen' to this blog entry. I've had my share of Cingular / AT&T lies as well. I'm posting them to my blog right now in fact. Check out my complaints.

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